Photo: David Gonsier
FIELD, field 
FIELD, field welcomes ideas of identity, contradiction, and freedom. Set up as a room, we come to meet ourselves through our choices, materials, and habits. 
Performers: Stephanie Carlos and Wendell Gray II
Fall 2018 - Movement Research at Judson Church

Photo: David Gonsier
"The interior of quiet is like is like the wonder of the water, the freedom of being lost or compassed by vagary. It is almost an exilic condition, this quiet that is the inner life of every human being."

- Kevin Quashie
Performers: Isaac Owens and Marissa Wiley
Composer: Anne Lanzilotti
​Spring 2018 - Periapsis Music and Dance
Photo: Rachel Neville
Unbranch is a solo dance performance that shines light on the corners of one's quiet interior by questioning the location of home. Where do I feel most rooted, and what do I count on to hold me up?

Performer: Wendell Gray II 
Fall 2018 - Fall Movement at CPR

Video: Breeanah Breeden